SP120 Pneumatic Silo

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SP120 Pneumatic Silo

Portable silo for Cement Powder, Gypsum, Fly Ash or other Pneumatic Bulk Products. Engineered for excellent product fluidizing and cleanout.

  • Pneumatic loading and unloading
  • Standard 36″ diameter pad type fluidizer features long service life with low maintenance
  • 3″ fluidizer supply line for fast unloading and thorough fluidizing
  • Dual product accelerators with individual 2″ supply lines
  • 4″ fill and vent lines
  • High flow internal fill line maximizes fill rates
  • Standard high capacity 8″ x 5″  Drop-T (8″ butterfly valve from hopper feeding to 5″ product line)
  • Externally replaceable deadhead product deflectors (engineered for long life and low product degradation with minimal flow restriction)
  • 20″ manway accessible from ground

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“I have been quite happy with both the Quickthree 120 Pneumatic Silo and the Intercomp scale product, the combination works great. As far as benefits, the one that sticks out in my mind is no need for a summation strip, having the ability to see if one load cell is out is a great feature for trouble shooting.” Regards, Curtis White Pressure Pumping Operations Manager Ironhorse Drilling Services


  • Pressure Relief Valve at 15 psi
  • Vacuum Relief Valve standard
  • External access for most replaceable parts

Optional Equipment

  • Optional equipment can be field installed
  • Self-weighing with factory calibrated onboard loadcells and digital readout display
  • Printer options available
  • Optional Skid and Base (shown) are for traditional deployment with bed trucks
  • Silo available without skid or base depending on customer requirements
  • Valve actuators or manual handles
  • Dust collection on silo venting


  • Total Capacity: 120 metric tonne / 135 Ton with Portland cement (@ 95 lbs/ft^3)
  • Volume: 2,850 feet^3
  • Operating pressure: 14.9 psi
  • Tare weight: 24,000 lbs (as shown)
  • Dimensions in Transport: 12′ W x 12′ 8″ H x 35′ 7″ L

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