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Quickmix Cement Batch Plant

The Quickmix Batch System is a modular, low pressure, high flow, cement blending plant offering flexible flow configurations and excellent multi- stage blending with full dust recycling or waste by-product collection.

In addition to our exclusive “Quickmix Venturi Rolling Nozzles” (patent pending) all tanks feature aggressive bottom aeration for thorough blending and fast batching rates.

  • Increased productivity with simultaneous blending in one silo while filling or empting another
    (with applicable compressor installed)
  • Modular design allows for customer preference configuration of primary and secondary silo arrangement
  • Ground level man-way access
  • Engineered for excellent cleanout
  • Primary and secondary blend tanks are 550 ft3 each (25 tonne @ 110 lb/ft3)
  • Tanks equipped with top and bottom fill lines
  • 4″ fill lines and hotline: 5″ vent lines
  • 6″ product and bypass lines
  • Dual dust collection prevents contamination of raw product
  • Ad-Mix Bottle 120 ft3
  • Factory pre-fitting of components allow for optional low cost customer installation
  • Easily expand or retract by adding/removing SP120 Pneumatic Silos

Please contact our Sales Team for more details.