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Quickstand 180 Proppant Silo

  • Quickthree’s innovations are constantly moving our customers and the industry forward.
  • Reduces downtime, increases productivity and only requires one operator!
  • Most versatile system available. One Quickstand Silo set up and ready to go in 5 minutes on a 12.5’ X 12.5’ footprint or up to 6,630,0000 lbs. of onsite storage and anything in-between.
  • The technical leader in portable vertical silos for proppant, sand or granular material.
  • Works with the Quickstand Trailer for smooth, fast and easy transport and setup.
  • Attachable to the trailer on three sides, providing superior flexibility in confined worksites. Left, right or center unload chute orientation possible.
  • Integrated passive dust control and/or 230VAC vacuum dust control options allow for dust containment and collection within the silo. (Optional dust elimination system collects dust for separate disposal).
  • The Quickstand Silo’s side delivery system performs with the certainty of gravity at an unload rate of over 10 tons a minute.  There are no conveyors, hydraulics, engines, generators or complicated controls to fail.
  • Scales are easy to use and accurately weigh product.
  • Control options and digital gate position indicators allow for excellence in proppant management.
  • Most options and improvements are modular allowing for silos to receive upgrades.

Patent(s) Pending

Quickstand Advantage

  • A vertical Quickstand Silo stores more proppant in less space.
  • Built-for-purpose technology means fewer working parts and maintenance.
  • Quick and easy deployment and retrieval.
  • New Option: now the choice of single or dual compartment(s).
  • Side unloading only requires gravity.
  • Direct gravity unloading avoids the problems associated with relying on multiple mechanical systems to convey product.
  • Depending on the job requirements and size of the blender tub, Quickstand Silos can dump directly into the blender eliminating the footprint and costs of conveyors or other equipment.
  • Automatically regulate unloading into a blender.  Place the chute in the blender hopper and open the gates to flood load the blender.  The proppant will flow and stop as required.
  • Industry leading passive and active dust control systems.
  • Weigh scales give operators accurate data so they know how much proppant is being loaded or unloaded.
  • Exceptional Control: The Optional High Performance Rugged Wireless Remote Control has a scratch resistant touchscreen display rated for -30 degree C with recharging dock in the control panel. Each remote can be synced to control multiple silos on site allowing operators to use a single remote and switch control functions between silos. Real time display of load cell weights in user configurable units. (lbs, tons, kgs, tonnes) including load and unload rates displayed with selected units. Simple, intuitive menu screen allows direct access to gate controls with digital position indicators. Dust collector status screen show system status, over pressure alarm and dust filter purge activation facilitating quick troubleshooting. Options include expanded functionality, including discharge of pre-programed amounts or programmable unloading profiles where unload rate is controlled as a function of time.
  • Minimize investment by using one robust detachable trailer to transport multiple silos.
  • Return on investment: Quickstand Silos can return the full capital cost in 5 years on fuel savings alone compared to traditional diesel powered horizontal equipment.
  • Designed to work with the New Quickload System.

Reduced operating cost:

  • Virtually eliminates operating costs by utilizing solar power and gravity side unloading.
  • Quickstand Silo has zero daily maintenance and lubrication requirements for minimal maintenance costs.
  • Eliminates pilot vehicle costs in many regions with optimized transport dimensions.
  • Reduces transportation and logistics costs by eliminating crane and deck truck fees and wait times.
  • Easy operation equates to low training costs.

Environmental responsibility:

  • Vertical silo orientation reduces work site footprint and environmental impact.
  • Zero operating emissions from gravity side unloading and solar power for control systems.
  • Quiet operation without the noise pollution generated by diesel powered systems.

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