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The SP50 Silo

Quickthree Solutions’ portable or bulk plant silo for cement powder, gypsum, fly ash or other pneumatic bulk products engineered for excellent product fluidizing and cleanout.

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With your cementing operations, time is money, and we’ve designed the SP50 Silo with an eye to save you every penny possible. Pneumatic loading and unloading, combined with our standard 36″ diameter pad-type fluidizer, means you get better cement faster.

  • Quickthree’s proven fluidizer features long service life with low maintenance so you can get the most out of the SP50 Silo
  • With the right combination of components, piping and blower, the SP50 features unloading rates of up to 2.5 tons per minute to fill your bulkers faster
  • Can be put into operation in our Quickmix Batch Plant for efficient operation and increased storage
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Given the heightened perception of the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry, the SP50 Silo has been designed in every way to promote environmental responsibility of your operations.

  • Vertical silo orientation and large capacity reduces work site footprint and impact
  • Efficient fluidization equals less energy required and less wear on the components
  • Better mixed cement means confidence and high performance results
  • Flexible piping options allow for dust collector connections
  • Solar powered scale and printer options reduce emissions
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Employee safety is as important now as it’s ever been. You’ve spent a lot of capital on equipment and training, so losing even one hour is costly. The SP50 Silo has been designed for safe operation and ease of access in operations and maintenance.

  • Pressure relief valve at 15 psi means workers are protected
  • Most replaceable parts are located externally, ensuring employee safety during maintenance periods without the need for confined space protocol
  • Dust collection on silo venting ensures workers aren’t exposed to excessive levels of airborne pneumatic products
  • Ground accessible with a 20″ manway

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