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The New Quickload 300

Quickthree is setting the bar higher once again. Quickthree’s new Quickload 300 is a 5 tonne/5.5 ton per minute self-contained mobile/semi-permanent transloading system that supports Quickstand Silos and site layouts of over 9,000,000 lbs. Quickload boasts a truck unloading conveyor, bucket elevator and telescoping horizontal televeyor with vacuum dust collection, all on one Quickstand Trailer Load! The Quickload 300 utilizes the same Quickstand Trailer for deployment/mobilization in an astonishing 20 minutes. Quickload is packed with performance enhancing features and is designed for purpose to lower total operating costs, minimize environmental impact and provide a safe work place.

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The Quickload 300 is the newest product from Quickthree Solutions to Lower Your Total Cost of Operations. From the fast and easy trasport and setup with the Quickstand Trailer that you’ve come to expect from the Quickstand System, to increasing your onsite unloading capacity, the Quickload 300 continues our commitment to keeping money where it belongs: with you.

  • Well laid out design and instructions assist the operator in performing the required pre-shift inspections and scheduled maintenance.
  • Eliminates pilot vehicle costs in most jurisdictions with optimized transport dimensions
  • The Quickload 300 has been designed to work best with the Quickstand Proppant System, but also works well with other vertical and horizontal solutions, reducing downtime and increasing productivity
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Purpose built in the tradition of the Quickstand Proppant System, the Quickload 300 has been designed in every way to promote environmental responsibility of your operations. Given the heightened perception of the environmental impact of the oil and gas industry, every action you can take to enhance your environmental responsibility is a good move, and the Quickload 300 delivers.

  • Vertical silo orientation reduces work site footprint and impact
  • Single point overhead loading to the Quickstand Silos reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment to be operating
  • Active dust control systems allow for dust containment and collection within the silo
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Employee safety is as important now as it’s ever been. You’ve spent a lot of capital on equipment and training, so losing even one hour is costly.

  • With single operator transport, and 25′ remote control, safe and easy setup and operation means fewer opportunities for workplace injury and downtime
  • The flexible truck unloading conveyor, located away from the blender work area, reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment moving about where workers are operating
  • Because the Quickload 300 reduces the amount of equipment required on site, fewer operators are required

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