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Our Featured Product - The Quickload 300

With our core Quickstand Trailer, the new Quickload 300 efficiently transports in one load and deploys in less than 30 minutes. When time is money, that’s a great way to lower the total cost of ownership.


5 tonne/5.5 ton per minute proppant transloading capability in a mobile system with vacuum dust collection? The ability to transport over 9 million lbs of on site proppant and replenish from additional onsite storage without moving? We’d say that’s an industry first!

An image showing a proposed site layout using the Quickload 300 system.

Designed to work with vertical and horizontal storage solutions, the Quickload 300 continues our tradition of the most compact site footprints.

An image of a quickload 300 tower being stood in place from a quickstand trailer.

Go from a finished job to our Quickstand Trailer to getting on the road in an astonishing 20 minutes. Without a pilot vehicle. How’s that for mobile?

Quickthree Solutions. Built on Three Core Values.

From design to production, Quickthree commits to our customer that in everything we do we will always focus on the three core values of our business.

The large version of the Quickthree Solutions Cost Savings Icon

Lower Total Cost of Operations

Great products require investment. Quickthree’s model was created to provide a significant ROI and a quick payback. From operational costs to capital costs, the return is worth the investment.

The large version of the Quickthree Solutions Environment Icon

Environmental Responsibility

Our focus on environmental responsibility began long before it became a buzz phrase. Smaller footprints, integral filtration and quieter solutions not only make for a better work environment, they make for a better world.

The large version of the Quickthree Solutions Safety Icon

Worker Safety

At Quickthree Solutions, we work hard to ensure your people are safe when working with our products. That’s why we design and build our products with automation where it makes sense, provide stability and safe processes: to keep your people protected.


330 tons/300 tonnes per hour is now a reality with the Quickload 300 Proppant Delivery System.

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